Home Remedies for Increasing Appetite

Many people across the world are alarmingly underweight. However, with a culture so concerned with weight loss, we sometimes forget about the problems associated with being underweight. A low body weight can lead to many chronic health problems. Being underweight may lead to such conditions as heart disease, cancers, frailty, bone fractures and even increase the risk of mortality.

A decrease in body weight can be brought on by man factors. These include malnutrition, secondary condition resulting from a disease among others. Common problems related to a lack of appetite can lead to hair loss, loss of body mass, insomnia, loss of energy, chronic fatigue, hormonal concerns, increased risk of fractures and injury, and increased risk of infections.

Although it is advised to always consult a health care professional on issues related to body weight, there are home remedies you can adopt to help stimulate appetite and help you gain weight.

Home Remedies for Gaining Weight

A tried and tested way to gain weight is by eating a banana followed by drinking a glass of milk.

Almond milk is said to help gain weight. Let a handful of almonds soak overnight. In the morning, peel the skin off and add the almonds to a blender. Add in milk and honey.

Prepare smoothies and milkshakes using fresh, high density ingredients.

Make sure to eat and select high protein foods.

Chew on a mixture of fresh ginger slices, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. This ginger mix is said to help stimulate appetite.

Cantaloupe, muskmelon, is said to help stimulate appetite and help you gain weight. Cut up cantaloupe in cubes and have some for a snack.

Make sure to snack throughout the day. The best strategy is to prepare wholesome snacks the day earlier. Try eating a tablespoon of peanut butter, a handful of dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.

Prepare a glass of hot milk with added honey. This will definitely help you gain weight.

Mix together equal parts of ginger, cumin, mustard seeds, asafoetida and black salt. Grind together into a powder. Add this powder to a glass of buttermilk and consume one hour before a meal.

Start eating more quickly. By increasing your intake speed, you will end up consuming a lot more calories before that “fullness” feeling kicks in.

Peppermint tea is said to help stimulate appetite.

Fennel seeds are said to help increase appetite.

Make a mango shake! Peel and cut a ripe mango and add it to a blender. Add in milk and sweeten to taste. If you want, add in some protein powder for added nutritional benefits.

Mix together raisins, dried fruits and unsalted nuts. Eat this mix as a snack throughout the day.

Figs and dates are commonly consumed to gain weight and help stimulate appetite.

Start exercising! Working out will help you increase your muscle mass as well as increase your appetite.

Try using larger plates and bowls for eating. You will end up eating more without realizing it.

Try drinking coconut milk at some point in the day. Coconut milk is both healthy, full of healthy fats and is very nutrient dense.

Fresh pomegranate juice mixed with honey and a bit of rock salt should be sipped slowly to help stimulate appetite. Sip this mix slowly.

Mix together equal parts of cardamom, cinnamon bark, fennel seeds and coriander seeds. Soak these ingredients in cold water overnight. In the morning, strain and drink the water early in the morning.


  1. My wife has heart problems and has been recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. As a result, her appetite has diminished. She has lost to much weight and I have been trying everything I can think of to help her. Her primary dr, suggested ensure etc. But she says that this hurts her stomach. Almost everything she eats, seems to upset her stomach. What worries me, is if she continues down this path, it will not matter what her heart specialists are doing. Can you offer any suggestions. Thank you

  2. What a good initiative to write an article about increasing weight. You are right it is forgotten but many people struggle with that as well.

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