Home Remedies for Coughs

Cough can be either dry or associated with mucus. Coughs are also classified as acute or chronic. Acute coughing episodes may be due to cold, flu, or sinus infections. Acute coughing episodes usually do not last longer than 2 to 3 weeks. Chronic coughs are those which last longer 2-3 weeks. Symptoms associated with coughing include mucous, itching sensation, pain and dryness within in the throat region. There are many home remedies for coughs discussed below.

Home Remedies for Coughs

  • Make a ginger tea by adding fresh slices of ginger to boiling water. Strain and add honey. This will help relieve coughing as well as the associated symptoms.
  • If you are experiencing a coughing episode, try chewing on a few cardamom seeds. This is a traditional remedy said to help sooth the throat.
  • Soak almonds overnight in a glass of water. In the morning, remove the skins off the almonds. Now make a paste out of these almonds by adding a little butter, sugar and black pepper. Have a spoonful throughout the day until coughing subsides.
  • Combine fresh lemon juice and honey. Add to a half a glass of warm water. Consume at the onset of throat discomfort.
  • If you are experiencing throat discomfort, peel a small piece of fresh ginger, sprinkle on some salt, and chew. This will help ease inflammation and discomfort associated with coughing.
  • Turmeric is said to help alleviate many ailments, including coughs. Add turmeric powder and honey to a glass of warm milk. Take at bedtime to help alleviate the coughing.
  • An old traditional remedy for combating numerous respiratory problems includes the use of tulsi, a herb extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi is both an anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antimicrobial.
  • For acute coughing relief, try placing a few pieces of misheri in your mouth.
  • Make a tea from ginger, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. Add honey to taste. This is a traditional home remedy to help combat coughing.


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    • I use a blend of Coltsfoot, Marshmallow, Hyssop, Licorice Root and Aniseed for cough. All of my formulas are made from liiuqd herbal extracts that I make myself and blend out of my Apothecary. I have not found to many conditions (just a few!) that can be resolved with the use of just one single herb. I studied under 3 different herbalist but my favorite formulas come from the British Herbalist I learned from. This particular formula can also be effective by simply mixing the blend of bulk herbs together and then brewing a very strong dark tea and drinking it often until the symptoms subside. You will use twice the amount of Coltsfoot, Marshmallow and Hyssop to the Licorice Root and Aniseed. Hope you find this helpful! Karen, Clinical Herbalist

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